VIDEO Hooligans Köln and Leverkusen en masse at the fist

bd314543555609139a96d7bcbde20f7a - VIDEO Hooligans Köln and Leverkusen en masse at the fist

The police in Germany, Saturday night’s hands full to have a mass brawl between hundreds of supporters of Bayer Leverkusen and 1. FC Köln.

Bernd Leno gives a Bayer Leverkusen fan a high-five.

A force of two hundred officers was necessary for the hooligans to drift apart. It is unclear how many injured there are cases, because according to the police, many fighters are gone gone without treatment.

Road signs

Köln and Leverkusen play on Sunday against each other, but the supporters have sought each other for the evening for the contest. It started with baldadigheid of the fans of Leverkusen, which at the last training of their team as much as fireworks afstaken that the traffic on the motorway last of the thick smoke. Hours later, dived hundreds of fans from Cologne in Leverkusen, and started the fans at each other hitting with sticks, and from the ground way that they are pulled signs.

The police arrested some eighty ordeverstoorders from Cologne, and a hundred fans of Leverkusen. Take 1.FC Köln and Bayer Leverkusen starts on Sunday at 15.30.

Click here to view the results, and the program in the Bundesliga.

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