Van Persie saw part game on mobile

250e57b176c9295b1e0e9e0fd59e783e - Van Persie saw part game on mobile

Robin van Persie looked in the away game against PEC Zwolle already after 52 minutes the warm dressing room and took on his phone the remainder of the duel. In the final phase, the substituted Feyenoorder yet, but just along the sidelines.

Congratulations to Robin van Persie after one of his hits

“I thought that the points all were inside,” said Van Persie at FOX Sports. “But then in the final stage, suddenly 2-4 and 3-4. On my phone, ran the race 2 minutes behind, so I thought: let me yet, but along the line to watch.”

Robin Van Persie disappeared shortly after the rest of the field. “I do not know whether the field was in, maybe that’s a too easy excuse, but my calf was still stiff. According to me it is not a serious problem.”

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