Van Gaal: “I left annual salary of 25 million euros in China walk’

eb1e71be6fb8382c50358008f4ea2f7d - Van Gaal: "I left annual salary of 25 million euros in China walk'

Louis van Gaal will say that almost every week an offer to return as a trainer to get started. But also a year’s salary of 25 million euros in China, could the 66-year-old coach recently not tempted by a return.

“I still get every week offers, which I find incredible,” says Van Gaal on Sunday in Bild. “But if you’re at Ajax, FC Barcelona, the Dutch national team, Bayern Munich and Manchester United have worked the offers are not quick interesting more.”

After Van Gaal mid-2016 had to leave Manchester United, he held no official function in the football world. He is staying a lot since then in Portugal, where he has a house property.

“My current life suits me well,” said Van Gaal. “I don’t connect at all that I could ever trainer word, but I don’t know if there ever will come.”


Van Gaal won it with Ajax in 1992, the UEFA Cup and the 1995 Champions League and led the Oranje to third place at the world cup in 2014. With Ajax, AZ, FC Barcelona and Bayern Munich he won a total of seven league titles. Also the KNVB cup, Copa del Rey, DFB Pokal and FA Cup are on his impressive list of achievements.

With his track record wants, Van Gaal only to return from his retirement as a real football club logs in, or when he’s coach can be a large voetballand. But even then he is selective.

“Paris Saint-Germain is such a fantastic club, but I would not do more. I must learn a new language and French is hard for me. Communication is the most important thing for a coach. But PSG is a top team.”


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