Ukraine angry at ’illegal’ ballot, Crimea

149b19c41f67375b553b6cadd9d95ecf - Ukraine angry at ’illegal’ ballot, Crimea

SIMFEROPOL – Residents of Crimea may for the first time a vote in the Russian presidential elections. Ukraine reacted angrily and took measures.

In total, may be around 1.5 million inhabitants of the annexed peninsula to the polls. The rise was Sunday afternoon at about 35 percent, reports the Russian electoral commission. He also know that dozens of observers from some twenty countries a watchful eye hold in the Crimea.

It is the Ukrainian authorities to be a thorn in the eye that can be voted on the peninsula, which since 2014 is in the hands of Russia. Kiev called on the Kremlin in vain for the “illegal” vote in the Crimea to blow up, said the Ukrainian minister Arsen Avakov (the Interior) last week.

Kiev then decided Russians in Ukraine vote to make it impossible. Avakov said that voters unable to gain access to Russian diplomatic stations on Ukrainian territory. The Russian Foreign ministry called this an “illegal” decision.

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