UK accuses Russia of save nerve gas

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LONDON – The British minister of Foreign Affairs, Boris Johnson, said Sunday that Russia is the deadly nerve gas that was used to create a Russian former in England to poison the has saved. Then, has Russia, according to him, examined how such weapons can be used in the murders.

Britain accuses Russia of it the nerve novitsjok from the Soviet time have been used to Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia. It would be known as the first offensive use of such a weapon on European soil since the Second world War. Russia has any involvement is denied.

,,We have factual evidence that Russia in the past ten years not only the delivery of nerve gas has been investigated with a view to assassinations, but also novitsjok has created and saved”, said Johnson told the BBC. Great Britain and Russia have each 23 diplomats expelled in connection with the attack.


Experts of the organization against chemical weapons (OPCW) on Monday in Britain to order samples to examine in the attack are used. The results thereof would be in two weeks, should be known, according to the British ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Russia’s ambassador to the European Union Vladimir Tsjitsjov told the BBC that a British research laboratory is the source of the nerve gas that the attack was used.

Johnson rejected those claims and said that the reaction of Russia,not the reaction of a country that truly believes that the innocent”. ,,Their reaction is a mix of smug sarcasm, denial and scrambling,” he said.

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