Thomas Acda looks Itching is not itself

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The chance is small that Thomas Acda Sunday night for the tube is for the fifth season of Itching in which he again plays a leading role. “I can not so good to myself”, gives Acda.

Itching starts the new season with an episode in which the friends of Peter Heerschop) are preparing to are onderwaterhuwelijk in Thailand, for which they are all on course. Diederik (Ebbinge), and Thomas battle, both to the position of Best Man at this wedding. Thomas: “The episode about diving is one of the funniest things of this season. We have so laughed during the filming.”

Thomas Acda and Peter Heerschop play in the series is a fictitious version of himself. The guest actors also. In the first episode are that in addition to Diederik Ebbinge Jacqueline Boat, Jan of Eijndthoven, Cecile Heuer and Bart van den Dark. The use of the private names provides, according to Acda for an alienating effect. This principle is based on the Danish series Klovn (clown) and the American sitcom Curb Your Enthusiasm.


The series Itching has in the first four seasons, a large crowd of fans built up. Acda: “It is almost religious. Others find it awful or have no clue. There are fans that all skits can count, just as in Van Kooten and The Bie, which is for me more difficult is when I the transmission is not seen.”

Itching is the latest production director Job Gosschalk finished before he stopped because of allegations of sexual harassment. It is still the question of whether there is a sixth season to follow. Or there is a sequel coming know Acda. “It was already difficult to get all agenda’s of the actors to match.”

Thomas Acda is currently in theaters in the musical Fiddler on the Roof. He also writes the music of the musical All Stars. Starting in October, traveling Acda past the theatres with a private solo performance under the name of Motel LAX.

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