This are the candidates of The Mole

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Bahador, Channy, Jeffrey, Joke, Katrien, Kelly, Lloyd, Pascale, Peter, and Steve. The contestants on The Mole were recently announced at The Café de Mol on FOUR. Ten Flemish people, Gilles De Coster, and with them also a small million mollenvangers, prepare for The Mol Mexico. The new season starts Sunday, 25 march at 20: 00 on FOUR and promises to be an amazing roadtrip along vast plains, sweltering cities and charming Mexican pueblos. Through this colorful country start the search for The Mole.
Along the way, candidates must succeed in as many possible commands, as the only way they can earn money. But they need to carefully keep an eye on, because in their midst dwells a cunning saboteador. The mol. And that does nothing rather than the group of islam.

Who are the 10 candidates?
From left to right:
Bahador (27). Gent. Born in Iran. Financial recruiter.
Channy (26). Hechtel. Social assistant.
Jeffrey (40). Wilrijk. Driver.
Joke (32). Tielt. Vet.
Katrien (54). Bilzen. Event manager.
Kelly (39). Laarne. Psychologist.
Lloyd (21). Avelgem. Student.
Pascale (44). The Haan. A naval officer.
Pieter (33). Assebroek. Priest.
Steve (60). Boutersem. Doctor.

The Mole, from Sunday, 25 march at 20: 00 on FOUR.

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