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These are the new candidates of ‘The Mole’

be4ec16fdc79c84ba0e0ca1797bc367d - These are the new candidates of ‘The Mole’

Within a week starts the new season of the Four-program ‘The Mole’. But the new participants are already presented. Who is the saboteur? The only certainty now is that the mole is one of these ten unknown Flemish.

Bahador is 27. He lives in Ghent and was born in Iran. He is a financial recruiter.

Channy is 26. She comes from Hechtel and social assistant.

Jeffrey is 40. He comes from Wilrijk and is driver.

Joke is 32. She comes from Tielt and is a veterinarian.

Katrien is 54. She lives in Bilzen and event manager.

Kelly is 39. She lives in Laarne and is a psychologist.

Lloyd is 21. He comes from Avelgem and is a student.

Pascale is 45. She lives in The Cock and is a marine officer.

Pieter is 33. He comes from Assebroek and is a priest.

Steve is 60. He lives in Boutersem and is a doctor.

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