These are not elections, this is a referendum

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If beforehand is known that Vladimir Putin the election is going to win, so where should we pay attention to? The rise is already a benchmark for its legitimacy.

At the presidential election, which today in Russia are organised, take eight candidates part, among whom Vladimir Putin that tonight is probably his victory speech. In the loop …

At the presidential election, which today in Russia are organised, take eight candidates part, among whom Vladimir Putin that tonight is probably his victory speech. In the course of the morning, was next to the Kremlin is already at the stage profile itself.

The president, who is now in his second term as president closes, will win this election with, say, between 65 and 70 percent of the votes. That’s what everyone expects and what the objective of the Kremlin.

If the winner already is established, where should we look for?

1. The rise

Tonight, as the last electoral at 19.00 our time in Kaliningrad is closed, it will especially look forward to the rise. Never in the history of democratic Russia, there is so little interest in the elections. The government has done everything possible to as many people as possible to the polling station. If very few voters show up, then that is an indicator of the low popularity of the president. Therefore, these elections are actually no elections, but a referendum on the legitimacy of this president.

Just as at the time of the Soviet Union, when there was cheap food at the polling stations was distributed, there are now a variety of activities in the area of the urnes organized. Well-known Russians are ready to with a browser on a selfie, there will be competitions and children’s games organized. In the course of the morning druppelden even though the first reports of officials who were obliged to vote.

2. The distribution across the country

The middle class has in the beginning of the reign of president Putin, his income will rise. The high oil prices and the foreign investments, the economy ran well, and there were many opportunities for people who wanted to earn. That Russians live mainly in Moscow and St.-Petersburg. They are dissatisfied because they find that their purchasing power in the last three years with a third has fallen. Observers think that the popularity of Putin in those two cities has been reduced and that the president’s votes, especially in the other areas of the country will need to pick up. Some predict that the popularity of the president so high will turn out to be, that the good score of the disappointing results from Moscow and St.-Petersburg will have to make amends.

3. The score of the other candidates

Observers think that these presidential elections for the Kremlin to a poll for the supporters of the other candidates. Assume that the independent candidate Ksenia Sobtsjak – the metekind of Putin who is very liberal, pro-Western ideas, it proclaims – a relatively good score wins, it could mean that it is a movement in the society represents that the Kremlin in the future must take into account. The same applies for the candidate of the communist party, Pavel Groedinin, initially in the polls, is not bad.

In that sense, you would this presidential election also can be seen as a sort of thermometer of the Kremlin to feel how the atmosphere in the country. If the official results of the country be communicated, it would appear that the new candidates an unexpectedly good score is achieved, it could mean that the Kremlin will think it’s important that these currents in the following Doemaverkiezingen represented in parliament.

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