Streisand: ’I was not pretty enough to be abused to be’

d76a42c3d860b99ed2d72d084cc33a5b - Streisand: ’I was not pretty enough to be abused to be’

Barbra Streisand let during a question – and-answer session during a tribute to know that they are never sexual abuse has experienced. That writes People.

“Never! No. I mean, never. I mean, I was not like those pretty girls with their cute little noses. Maybe that is the reason.” They may not have empathized with the experiences of the many actresses that abuse have experienced, let them know, but she understands well behind them.

Streisand sees that the times are changing for women in Hollywood. “It is a special time now, when it comes to men and women and their positions.” In Hollywood, she worked as an actress and director, and according to host Ryan Murphy, she was herself a powerful woman within the industry. “So, I have myself never seen it. What does that mean? I don’t know what that means.”

“But,” continued the singer, actress and filmmaker, “I felt the most powerful as I directed. I hate it when people make me a control freak, but I was. But anyone with talent wants to control all of this? It is so special, you feel humble as you have power.”

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