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Standard book eighth bekeroverwinning in a disappointing finale

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Standard allowed himself the winner of the Croky Cup. The Rouches won after extension with 1-0 in the final against Racing Genk in the King baudouin stadium. And this has almost said everything, because both teams contributed to a sad unicum in the Belgian football history: never before there was so little shooting skill in a cup final. For Standard it is the eighth bekerwinst from the history, Genk lose for the first time in its history a cup final.

As is so often the case in cup finals hung in the King baudouin stadium electricity in the air. Both Philippe Clement (Racing Genk) Ricardo Sa Pinto (Standard) introduced three bills for this final battle: when Genk were backs Maehle and Uronen replaced by Nastic and Mata, while playmaker Malinovskiy, again, are fixed place took at the expense of Writers. At Standard if Jean-François Gillet, just like in the previous cup matches, the objective to protect. The suspended Laifis was exchanged for Koutroubis, Carcela took the place of Duje Cop. The expectations were high, because with Genk and Standard have played two teams in good form against each other.

The high expectations would never be fulfilled. The game started a few minutes later, after fans to the stadium in smoke, wrapped and referee Lardot at the last moment some repairs had to run to the objective of Standard. With a small delay went the ball still rolling on the Heysel. Both clubs, with Standard head, started legged in the competition. The result were some strong errors, a lot of work for Lardot and good football. Emond made after a quarter of an hour for the first luck of the match. Halfway through the first half also went to the Genkenaars their chances, but the goal of Karelis was rightly disallowed for offside.


The disallowed goal by Karelis turned out to be the start of a Genks offensiefje. The People are getting more and more dominance on the field and threatened by Seck, Aidoo, and Malinovskiy. Also Standard put in between the nose to the window, but Luyindama headed home a free-kick next to it for the Rouches. Very high quality, it was not, even if the fans are happy, however, to heat to the good atmosphere in the King baudouin stadium. 0-0 was the logical stand-by.

The beginning of the second half did some thinking to that of the first half, because re was a lot of Bengali fire. Edmilson was a excellent curl immediately for a good chance, but his shot flew a couple of meters next to the cage by Vukovic. On the other side had to Gillet well down to a cross from Pozuelo to keep away from sniper Karelis. The spelbeeld remained largely similar to that of the first half: a lot of fight and intensity, but no opportunities. Standard threatened once more through Marin and Emond, but after 70 minutes kept the score in the number of framed shots the same as the score on the board: 0-0.

The disappointing cup final was also not in the slotkwartier. After 85 minutes of football followed as yet, a first ball between the posts: Samatta worked the ball to first in addition to via a Also, a few seconds later, towering Aidoo above everyone else during the ensuing corner kick. The first (head)the ball between the posts was a fact, but Gillet kept the score at 0-0 with a fantastic reflex. A new shot between the posts there was in the regular time, no more note. A sad unicum in Belgian football, for never before was it 0-0 after the regular time of a cup final.


Few chances, lots of mistakes and no goals: in the renewals had to be different. And so it came to pass also, because the openingsdoelpunt fell after two minutes, suddenly out of the air. After a slim heel of Mpoku threw Carcela hit the ball for goal. The single Emond said, up close and through the hands of Vukovic the ball against the ropes: 1-0.

The 1-0 was the signal for Standard to the game on slot to throw. It made for some notable scenes: Mehdi Carcela remained during his exchange harassing and clapping on the field and got a yellow card stock under the nose. A few minutes later, it was Luyindama that a Liege toneeltje teenagers: the Congolese escaped to red after he was on the ankle of Seck went, and then remained for a few minutes motionless on the field. The present videoref had to be there even for a moment. Wisselspeler Pocognoli was already ready to fall, to a suddenly fully fit Luyindama again the field came to mind – to the great anger of Genk-coach Clement.

In the second half of the extensions had Racing Genk everything if it was not for the first time a Belgian cup final wanted to lose. The troops of Clement did their best, Trossard came closest to a goal but found Gillet in his path. Clinton Mata escaped a second yellow card after a solid error. A moment later, Nastic are less fortunate, giving Genk the match with his tens ended. In the slotminuten tried to Genk from all the power and yet the ball forward to the pumps, Standard responded by taking the ball time and time again in the direction of the Genk goal away to rams. Aidoo was missing in the 123ste minute an ultimate chance in the final, 1-0 in the end would be the end position to continue.

For Standard is the the second bekerwinst in three years and the eighth in its history. Previously won the Rouches the cup is already in 1954, 1966, 1967, 1981, 1993, 2011 and 2016. Genk lost for the first time in its history a cup final in Belgium and remains empty-handed.

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