Spring fever in the kitchen of Sandra Bekkari

0aff4d0db3b75842ab030bdcb8d92675 - Spring fever in the kitchen of Sandra Bekkari

On Monday 19 march, two vegetables central in the Open Kitchen, even though they are perhaps a little less known: parsnip and the white and black radish. They are processed in a spicy soup. Afterwards, Sandra completely in her element: “Burrata is my guilty pleasure, so I look very much forward to the next dish”. The creamy cheese is processed in an Italian lunchsalade on the basis of parma ham and grilled vegetables.

The spring stands before the door on Tuesday, march 20, and thus makes Sandra certainly two of the dishes that do back to the sun. They start with a spicy Marokkanse tajine of turkey. A yogurt-mint dressing makes the fresh key. Then pulls Sandra to the East for a special spice blend. “That you can to food to add, but also dilute with oil on toast.” Multifunctional!

Wednesday 21 march is Anna, the daughter of Sandra, a year. According to Sandra, she is a “chocovoor”, a passionate chocolate eater. Today there is only sweet on the menu: granolasnacks with dark chocolate and healthy chocolate spread with hazelnuts.

Thursday, 22 march put Sandra two lunch boxes, which they fill with all sorts of healthy lunchideetjes: beestige sandwiches, stuffed pitabroodjes, tuna salad,… inspiration is not a lack!

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