Shia LaBeouf gets a role in a film about his life, but doesn’t play themselves

a742c681670bd399a8804080f22f7558 - Shia LaBeouf gets a role in a film about his life, but doesn't play themselves

Although he is due to his behavior much-discussed, but that there is already a movie about the life of actor Shia laBeouf seems to be remarkable. And even weirder: he plays in the film, but he does not play himself.

Shia LaBeouf

It’s Lucas Hedges, who also played a part in Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri who played the role of LaBeouf, writing entertainmentsite Indiewire. Meanwhile, plays LaBeouf’s father in his life story, Honey Boy, named after his nickname as a child. It means, for him, a project in its agenda, which the last time whacky blank was left after the publicity around his arrest, he said in Esquire.

The film would be loosely based on the life of LaBeouf. Variety describes the film as: ’the story of a kindster who is trying to relationship with are criminal, alcoholic father tries to repair for ten years’.

Alma Har’el will be directing the picture. It is not yet known when the film production will be taken.

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