Senator Rand Paul strongly opposed the appointment of Mike Pompeo

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WASHINGTON – Senator Rand Paul has said there is “anything will do” to prevent Mike Pompeo and Gina Reel to be appointed as minister of Foreign Affairs respectively, the director of the CIA. The Republican from Kentucky gave up on tv with CBS News that he probably will not be able this by president Donald Trump nominees.

In the program ‘ Face the Nation told Paul, that his partijgenoot Trump arranged transversely, that is, instead of Pompeo his preference to someone who is not “calling for war”, against especially Iran and North Korea. Trump presented the current CIA chief as the successor of the via Twitter fired Rex Tillerson.

’Torture is not in America

Paul, recently passed in the Senate already had a vote on the budget traineerde by hours of the word (filibuster), also made objections to Reels supervision on the so-called “black sites” of the CIA, where at the beginning of this century, secretly to experiment with waterboarding. “I think that torture is not in America.”

The Republican obstructionist repeated in an article in Politico. “Some of the details might be disputed, but it remains a fact that Reel, a secret center in Thailand ran where prisoners were tortured. There can be no doubt that Reel in her career has been with and helped in the development of a program that our own government has labeled as torture.”

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