Ryan (14) ends up in the hospital by bullies

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Ostend – The 14-year-old Ryan Cockx has this weekend, forced to spend in a hospital, after his fall was brought by bullies at his high school. The Belgian boy suffered a concussion on.

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“My son came up with his head on the ground and walked a gall on the back of his head. Once back home, he was dizzy and turned his eyes several times way. I was still at work, but my daughter called in a panic to say that it went not well with her brother. In the hospital, a concussion is determined. He has two nights to stay, ” writes the mother of Ryan in an emotional message on Facebook.

The mother of the 14-year-old victim is distraught. Her son is to say that for more than two years of being bullied. The school said after previous notifications, to do something about the bullying, but there have Ryan and his mother until now, nothing of marked. “The result is that they are my son yesterday something fierce have tackled in school. As a result, he is now in the hospital with a concussion and psychological devastated.” According to Ryan’s mother.

According to the woman, her son bullied because of his appearance. “His lower jaw is too much forward and there is the spot driven.” It reports The Latest News. The message of the mother is now almost 2000 times shared. She hopes that the school is now stricter on going to resign, but said Monday in a report to the local police.

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