Rose McGowan ‘followed, intimidated and hacked’ after allegations Weinstein

68590419730a07ff24d72bc2906e20ba - Rose McGowan 'followed, intimidated and hacked' after allegations Weinstein

Rose McGowan claims that she was followed, intimidated and hacked since they brought out that she was raped by Harvey Weinstein.

“I’m sure he would prefer death,” says the actress on The Sunday People, part of the Mirror group.

“I’m not afraid, but that I would need. The people that I worse find, are his lawyers. Who behave terribly,” said McGowan, who is one of the key figures in the misbruikzaak around Weinstein.

The 44-year-old actress, who previously wrote a book about what was happening to her, is planning action to continue to take action against Weinstein. So she says that Weinstein, an Israeli spionagebedrijf hired to her to intimidate.

“They also have my computer hacked and photos released. They have done everything to my life to ruin.”


Earlier it was announced that Weinstein journalists, ex-spies and ex-military devoted to women who now accuse of sexual harassment and abuse to intimidate, so they don’t report would do.


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