Revival Will & Grace gets third season

46110d11fa0751130e2b1392ee935cf1 - Revival Will & Grace gets third season

The revival of the American comedyserie Will & Grace is a huge success. The last two episodes of the first season of the new series have yet to be aired, but NBC already has eighteen new episodes ordered for season three. The second season is being extended with five additional episodes.

Earlier it was announced that the hit series, between 1998 and 2006, eight seasons ran, in 2018, a second (or tenth) set of episodes. That there were originally thirteen, but that is now eighteen. The third (or eleventh) series is from the autumn of 2019.

The series Will & Grace, tells about the friendship between a successful gay lawyer will (Eric McCormack) and his neurotic best friend (Debra Messing). The first series won dozens of awards, including a number of Emmy’s.

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