Pedro blasts Chelsea further in the FA Cup

629f5f2abf804e1c156a55ab34503d5a - Pedro blasts Chelsea further in the FA Cup

LEICESTER – After the switch-off in the eighth finals of the Champions League by FC Barcelona, Chelsea Sunday in a new setback to prevent. The Londoners reached the semi-finals of the FA Cup. Against Leicester City it was a renewal for needed: 1-2.

Pedro is the headline in touch

Alvaro Morata opened in the 42nd minute to score for Chelsea. Attacker Jamie vardy granted was a quarter of an hour for time and was on top of that, the game is still a half an hour longer with them. In the extension made Pedro for the decision. The Spanish invaders had goalkeeper Kasper Schmeichel to fast and headed the ball into the empty goal.

In the semi-final to play Chelsea in their own stadium against Southampton, on Sunday, in the semi-final was too strong for Wigan Athletic. In the other semi-final battle was Manchester United linked to Tottenham Hotspur.

Chelsea reached last season’s final battle of the FA Cup. It was Arsenal too strong.

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