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Patty Brard underwent gastric not for more tv work

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Patty Brard is not pleased with the rumors that her gastric underwent for her tv career. In her column bites Brard.

Patty wants to now she’s been over sixty is as long as possible and keep healthy. At RTL Boulevard told they have at least 25 christmas trees with her husband Antoine the Pond to want to convert. But in the media it is claimed that Brard especially for a gastric bypass chose because of the media attention.


The fact that Patty in her fight against the kilo’s capture for a new reality tv series on LindaTV feeds those rumors. But Patty doesn’t want anything to do with it. As she writes in her weekly Weekend column: “I can assure you, the day that I allows me to operate for a new televisieklus will really never come! In addition, my calendar already and september is filled with fun tasks, so surgery was not necessary. Operate do you do for your health, as it really should, not because you are on tv.”

Family Kruys

Patty’s ambition is to be a third of her body weight losses and around 60 kilos. She is well on the way: the last two weeks, she lost all of 10 pounds. But she continues to work: as she plays herself in the new season of Family Kruys and of course they also again of the party at Ranking the stars.

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