Of 17,000 agents on the leg to ensure complete safety in Moscow

d3d854bb5b3c66f6e8d01b21c37f4261 - Of 17,000 agents on the leg to ensure complete safety in Moscow

In the Russian capital Moscow to be Sunday more than 17,000 troops deployed to ensure security during the vote for the presidential election. It reports the news agency TASS. Since 6 pm (Belgian time) are almost everywhere in Russia as the polling stations opened. There are still no incidents reported.

At the 17,000 troops who are in Moscow to be deployed, the agents of the police, the National Guard and security firms, says the Moscow police. “Our agents have, during the preparation of the presidential elections, all polling stations and their environment is investigated with various techniques, including sniffer dogs, sounds the yet.

Eleven time zones

The polling stations in Moscow went at 8 a.m. local time (6 pm (Belgian time) open, but elsewhere in the greatest country in the world, stretching over eleven time zones, could voters for quite some time before their vote. That was the case since 2 pm (Belgian time) in the regions Chakassië, Novosibirsk, Kemerovo, Tomsk, Altaj, Krasnoïarsk, Khakassia and Tula. Since midnight (Belgian time), voters can already go to the polls in the Cupid, Transbaikal and Sakhalin. On the peninsula of Kamchatka went to Sunday three hours earlier (Saturday 21 hours Belgian time) the first polling stations open.

In the presidential election of Sunday, is head of state Vladimir Putin on the way to a new term of six years. The seven other candidates shall be construed as unmeritorious.

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