Niels Destadsbader dumped on James Blunt

c91d08fc9beb62bc3f12680b1ea42a1c - Niels Destadsbader dumped on James Blunt

Sunday morning was James Blunt to guest in Fool Turned on Joe. Kris Wauters had Niels Destadsbader a two-hour long guest in his studio and knew a few secrets about Niels Destadsbader to get loose. So jump Niels Destadsbader on the table as he oh Girl by Paul Severs is heard. But there is also a number where Niels had a bad experience with them and that is Beautiful of James Blunt. When Niels was with Sarah at that number that they told him that they are no longer with him in his wish. Since then, hopes Niels the song by James Blunt not like more. And yet it is still goedgekomen between Sarah and Niels, even though she has another man in her life. Niels was Sarah’s witness on her marriage.

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