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Max Verstappen: “Hopefully immediately quick during the first F1 race”

aeacd913888b0cf02edd901206daf8b2 - Max Verstappen: "Hopefully immediately quick during the first F1 race"

Max Verstappen says in looking ahead to the first F1 race in Australia that he really is looking for on the circuit of Albert park to race.

“I’m always happy to go to Melbourne. I love the country and the temperature is a pleasant change compared with that in Europe,” as you can read on the website of Verstappen.

“The fans are very passionate about racing. Especially in Formula 1, since it has a long history in Australia. So far I’m only in Melbourne and Sydney, but I would like to go see more of the country.”

Of course, running it within a week not around the visit of the country, but to the racepace of Verstappen and Red Bull RB14. Verstappen is hoping that he along with Red Bull immediately very competitive.

“We hope that this year, a big step forward and from the beginning we competitive. To already from race one to have a fast car to have, and this until the end of the season, would be great,” concluded Verstappen.

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