Luizenmoeder Maaike Martens in new film Johan Nijenhuis

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Maaike Martens, better known as ’angry luizenmoeder’ Ursula in hbo’s hit series The Luizenmoeder, plays one of the lead roles in the new film by Johan Nijenhuis. That the director, who hits like fall in Love with Ibiza and Our Boys made Sunday reported.

It is the first major film roll for Martens, who earlier in the theater in The Marathon and Hema: the Musical was to be seen. For the latter production, in which she is queen Maximá played, she received a Musical Award for best leading role.

In The Luizenmoeder dominated Martens as angry mother Ursula, under more cursing and tierend the schoolyard because dirty toiletrolletjes as craft materials where her were gagging. Ursula was popular with phrases like ’I really want to control how I use my genitals call’ and ’As Ank, once more, begins to sing ram I her through that iwb’.


“The most impressive, I found the episode in which Ursula is afraid that her child is a disappointing surprise, and therefore, itself, a pronksurprise the class isn” says Nijenhuis. “That was the broadcast that I decided that I have Her in my next movie. If your grief and anger so beautifully in comedy can put you a topactrice.”

Martens has co-wrote her role. Nijenhuis has worked with many actors who are now in The Luizenmoeder play. So was headmaster Diederik Ebbinge to see in the Tuscan Wedding and it shone Ilse ’teacher Ank’ Warringa in Our Boys and Rokjesdag. The last episode of the Luizenmoeder is Sunday night.

The new romantic comedy of Nijenhuis is on February 14, 2019 premiere. The pictures find this summer. The title and the rest of the cast will be announced soon.

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