Kurt Kraemer gives himself with his whole heart

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At the beginning of this month was the Boom singer Kurt Kraemer to his back surgery. He had two new tussenwervels and that surgery goes smoothly. Currently recovers the singer of that operation, but there is good news: Monday, march 19, is Kurt back on stage. “The first performance is now Monday in Dancing Parasol to Velzeke, with good friend and colleague Danny De Roover so. I look forward to that gig because I am not made sitting at home,” laughs Kurt.
And Kurt Kraemer has another reason to smile by the life steps. “A while ago, I released the song “With all my heart”, and that number is on different radio stations to hear. Local radio programs are very important and at radio Valencia is my most recent single for the third week at number one.” Also on many other local radio’is the first single from Kurt Kraemer regularly to hear. “I get really a lot of nice comments on that number, which is the fast Monday so that I can be the number live can sing. I miss my audience,” concludes the singer.

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