Kluivert: ‘sleep Peacefully, it will be difficult to be’

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ROTTERDAM – With a good game for Ajax decided Justin Kluivert Sunday a week in which he was first included in the selection of the Dutch national team. The eighteen-year-old winger was threatening and played a key role in two goals that the opposition of Sparta Rotterdam break (2-5).

Justin Kluivert of Ajax and Kenneth Dougall of Sparta compete for the ball

First, it was the attacker a free kick that Lasse Schöne redeemed (2-1). Then he drew himself for 3-1. The people of Amsterdam celebrated his goal for the box with the remainder of the supporters and kissed the logo of his old club on his shirt. With a good feeling he is allowed Monday to Zeist for his first day at Orange.

,,Sleep will be difficult,” said Kluivert. I also don’t know how it all goes, but we’ll see. It’s already very nice that I was there, but I would also like to play. We go quite a lot of training. So I should be the coach, but convince. But I’m already there because he believes in me. I have a lot of people beautiful comments received. I am grateful that so many people me this award.”

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