Kamal Kharmach feel insecure

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Kamal Kharmach, the comedian who every Saturday night as presenter of ‘The Collective Memory’, the VRT fight against the pounds. On Radio 1, says he is proud that he dares to say that it’s not so good with him. Ever lost At 120 kilograms, but the balance is going in the wrong direction. Stress will undoubtedly play a role, because in addition to the preparations for ‘The Collective Memory’, he was also with the opening of its donutzaak in his head. A couple of weeks for the television footage he had to go to the stylist to get clothes from which to choose, but once the pictures started to fit them no more. Therefore he had to often same pair of pants do, because the rest of him was too small.
After Kamal fell off, he become successful, but that weight gain makes him very insecure.

Text: Nico Vanaken

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