Judge says man that he is dead

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A Romanian court refuses to acknowledge that the 63-year-old Constantin Reliu is still alive, despite convincing evidence: he appeared himself healthy and in the court.

Constantin Reliu was in 1992 to Turkey are drawn to work there as a migrant worker, but he lost all contact with his family. Because his wife thought he was dead, she let him doodverklaren.

This year discovered the Turkish authorities that the man his papers not in order were illegal and lived in the country. That is why he was sent back to Romania. The plan was to use his passport to renew and then to Turkey to return. But in Romania he was arrested and he was told that in 2003 he had died.

For that statement to undo it, got the Romanian to the court. But who refused his request. According to the law should be someone who wrongly death was declared, after all, respond in a timely manner if that’s not right. According to a spokeswoman for the court did Reliu not, so the court decided that he is dead and remains on paper.

‘I stay dead while I’m alive and well, ben, says Reliu. “I have no income, but may not work because I supposedly am dead.’

According to Reliu left his wife him doodverklaren to be able to remarry. Now is he set for a long legal battle for its identity and passport to get back.

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