Get Sherlock a new season?

f65261f0e0aba6f68fd2df7da3275c9b - Get Sherlock a new season?

The chance that there is still a sequel comes on the popular BBC series Sherlock is very small. According to Martin Freeman are the expectations of the fans so high, that it’s not fun anymore. “After the fourth series, we had enough of. As speaking for myself, this was for a part in the reception of the public,” says Martin in conversation with The Telegraph. He has, since the beginning of the series to see if Dr. John Watson, the right hand of detective Sherlock Holmes (Benedict Cumberbatch).According to Martin, it is almost “impossible” to the level of the series. “Sherlock was directly of high quality. And when you start it is hard to hold,” says the actor. “The expectations of the public, that is just not funny.”

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