Fans Gers Pardoel pelted in Belgian tram

81d9ac5ab7ceb203665f02fd49b179da - Fans Gers Pardoel pelted in Belgian tram

Fans of Gers Pardoel its Saturday night attacked after a concert of the rapper in Antwerp, reports the Belgian newspaper The Latest News. A tram that concertgoers had to go back to the center of the city, according to passengers opened fire on him. There were no injuries.

The police is currently investigating the incident. For the moment it is not yet clear exactly what happened. Two large windows and a door are cracked, but the police found no bullets. The chance is present that the tram pelted with stones.

“After two stops sounded suddenly a few hard blasts. ’Bambambam..bam!’ I fell from the shock on the ground,” says one of the witnesses. “Other people went into hiding away in their seats. Right above our head there were cracks in the large side windows of the tram. Three windows were cracked around a kind of bullet hole.”

The Dutch rapper Gers Pardoel entered Saturday in the Lotto Arena, a large concert hall in Antwerp. In the last few years focuses Gers is mainly focused on Belgium, where he has more success than in the Netherlands.

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