Dutch dj embroiled in lawsuit

ba7312b2e48d06e389e75fe027109c8c - Dutch dj embroiled in lawsuit

Financial advisor Frank B., who was Dutch muzieksterren on paper would have to move to tax havens, is embroiled in a lawsuit with the Dutch dj Headhunterz. It reports the Parool. The advice by Willem Rebergen, aka dj Headhunterz, was to from 2012 from the Netherlands to move, and its income in a company on Cyprus to stable. “He pressed us time and time again on the heart that this is a perfectly legal construction. However, it was of interest that there is as little possible connections with the Netherlands were. Because the dj is the advice still suspicious found, he reported it to the inland revenue, what the dj is a big extra lap of a few hundreds of thousands of euros.

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