‘Company that for campaign, Trump worked, abused the data of millions of facebook users’

274c9c56635055da1917f9a6c8126674 - ‘Company that for campaign, Trump worked, abused the data of millions of facebook users’

Facebook to say Cambridge Analytica ‘suspended’, because it is the personal data of millions of facebook users abused during the presidential campaign of Donald Trump. According to The Observer and The New York Times, the private information of 50 million people ‘harvested’ and would Facebook has long been aware of the abuse without much to undertake.

Cambridge Analytica specializes in collecting and analyzing all kinds of data in order for them to work in political campaigns. Now, however, proved that this in the run-up to the American presidential election of 2016 on an unprecedented scale happened. According to a survey by The New York Times and The Observer took Cambridge Analytica since 2014, the data of 50 million users to use them for the development of software that the voting behaviour of voters predicted and may be affected. The company would also have done without the facebook users out there were aware, let alone that they had their permission for would have given.

Leaked e-mails make it according to the newspapers it clear that Cambridge Analytica from the data that very detailed information about individuals, such as how much someone travels or to what extent he or she is interested in weapons and drugs, where the political preference is going, and much more. All that information was then used to predict which political message out to the most affected individual users.

Steve Over

Cambridge Analytica is funded by the American billionaire Robert Mercer and former Trump strategist Steve Over was a key figure in the establishment. Also Brexit-party UKIP sat in the customer base of the company.

According to documents that The Observer could read, knew Facebook in 2015 already that there was a large infringement on the privacy of its users. When brought Facebook according to The Observer, however, no one on the height and took only limited steps to the private data to protect. The lawyers of Facebook warned The Observer that the false and defamatory allegations made.

This week, once again was confronted with the affair, blocked Facebook, however, the access of the parent company, Strategic Communication Laboratories (SCL), the access of Aleksandr Kogan, a psychologist at the university of Cambridge, and that of Christopher Wylie, ceo of the company Eunoia Technologies and former employee of Cambridge Analytica.

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