Center Afrin according to Erdogan, under control of Syrian army

18bd07fa145bad63929ac5ecc7a5fdcb - Center Afrin according to Erdogan, under control of Syrian army

Syrian fighters who are backed by Ankara, the ‘total control’ over the centre of the city of Afrin, a Kurdish bastion in the northwest of Syria. That confirms the Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan, after the Syrian Observatory for human Rights previously stated that a part of the city under the control of the Turkish army and his Syrian allies.

‘Units of the Free Syrian Army by the Turkish army, be supported, have the full control over the city of Afrin conquered around 08.30 hrs (06.30 pm (Belgian time), “says Erdogan.

The city of Afrin is the main target of the offensive that Turkey in January launched against the Kurdish Volksbeschermingseenheden, Ankara designates as ‘terrorist organisation’.

The Turkish chief of staff declared also that the center of Afrin ‘under control’. ‘The demining operations and operations to other explosives to defuse still persist, ” says the chief of staff in a press release.

“Now flies the Turkish flag there! Now flies the flag of the Free Syrian Army, there!”, according to Erdogan. There is still no confirmation of a Kurdish source.

According to figures from the Turkish army came to the offensive all 46 Turkish soldiers. The Syrian Observatory for human Rights had earlier in the day to know that even if a 1,500 Kurdish fighters killed since the start of the offensive on 20 January.

By the offensive in recent days tens of thousands of people from Afrin fled.

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