Barry Hay let Golden Earring at home

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Golden Earring frontman Barry Hay is on tour with a group of young musicians. The nearly 70-year-old singer has his old sizes Rinus, Cesar and George just left home and is in the north of our country started with his new club tour.

Last night put the Hague rocker the Rhino in Leeuwarden, the total on its head.

Hay announced “The Earring is my heart, but this is laugh! These guys are stoneware. We are going to blow you away” and did that then Wait a Minute a own song of the band, but, of course, was a cover of Radar Love by Golden Earring is not missing.

What do you get when the lead singer of Golden Earring together with a bunch of young enthusiastic musicians on a stage set?

Barry: “With this bunch of young dogs, you get pure rock’n’ roll, heavy guitars, a thundering bass and a rhythm section that all together does The frontman of this band the Wolff and guitarist Pablo van der Ploel get their inspiration from the blues and seventies rock. So that click. My time finally. Like you, my whole band in a time capsule have done. On me after then.”

The men rockten firmly on los. The fun splashed on.

Tonight, 18 march, the men in the cacao factory in Helmond, the netherlands, and for the other dates see

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