Banker of Opposition in ten days Gold Film

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The war film Banker of the Objection within ten days more than 100,000 visitors are drawn. Therefore, the drama from director Joram Lürsen awarded a Golden Film, the Netherlands film Festival Sunday known.

The award was Saturday night awarded to Lürsen, actor Barry Atsma and the family of the brothers Of the Hall, where the film about tells.

Atsma and Jacob Derwig play Walraven and Gijs van Hall, who in the Second world War by underground bank the resistance of millions of Dutch guilders helped. Pierre Bokma plays the role of NSB and politician, Meinoud Rost van Tonningen. Rost van Tonningen (1894-1945) collaboreerde during the Second world War with the nazis.

World premiere

The world premiere was two weeks ago in the presence of princess Beatrix. Banker of the Resistance is the first Dutch production this year, a Gold Film will receive.

For Joram Lürsen is the eighth time that he the price gets. He is, after Johan Nijenhuis, the maker that most of the Gold Films in his closet.

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