Ajax coach Ten Hag: ‘We are constant’

603234495099aba3dc3cf4ce720da5c8 - Ajax coach Ten Hag: 'We are constant'

Ajax came Sunday against Sparta, The Castle behind, but finally won with 5-2. “A great victory” said trainer Erik ten Hag.

Ajax-trainer Erik ten Hag.

“If you’re with a 5-2 win, that’s fine,” said Ten Hag compared to FOX Sports. “Nice goals, good attacks. There was good depth of the outside players and the space behind the last line was used. We are clearly more constant. In particular, in the variation in the attacks, and if you look at the outside players, which a lot of efficiency.”

“The points are getting more and more expensive in this phase of the competition,” says the trainer. “Sparta has new impetus found in the last few weeks. They were very well organized. Then it is very difficult to get through it. You will be on disadvantage, but it is very good of the team that we are rapidly equalising.”

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