Xi Jinping re-elected president

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BEIJING – The Chinese National people’s congress, has Xi Jinping re-elected president of China. The parliament chose also former deputy prime minister Wang Qishan as his first deputy.

At the annual conference have the almost 3000 delegates Sunday in the Great Hall of the People cast their vote. Xi was unanimously re-elected by the parliament that is filled with loyal party members. Wang was one vote against his appointment to vice president.

Wang was previously mayor of Beijing, deputy prime minister of China and was the head of the Central Commission for Disciplinary Inspection (CCDI) that corruption fights. He is a key ally of Xi to corruption within the Communist Party to tackle. Under his reign as corruptiebestrijder lost several high-level officials their jobs.

Previously voted in the parliament with an amendment to the constitution, which a president makes it possible for more than two terms of five years to continue. That measure will pave the way for Xi, who is on his second term begins, to unlimited to stay in power.

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