Victoria Koblenko followed opponent Putin

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Victoria Koblenko followed for the documentary The woman who Putin wants to beat Ksenia Sobtsjak. It takes the Sunday in the Russian presidential election against Vladimir Putin.

Koblenko and Sobtsjak have a lot in common. They were born in the Soviet Union, are both 37, are from the entertainment business, have a son of eighteen, and studied political science. “All the parallels, it was so thick on top that I alone, therefore, could not pass up. And she fascinates me. I thought that such a hard zakentante, according to the official figures richer than Putin, mainly replied to her media projects have more spin-offs. When Ksenia is in October, eligible, proposed, everyone found that funny. ’Haha, our Paris Hilton who is still in the Playboy?’”

But when Koblenko Sobtsjak better met, there was also admiration for the new-fangled politician. “What they did to the fly, a political cv to build? As a kind of Pieter Storms of Crow-ordinary people to help him. So to a garbage dump where people almost can not breathe through the way waste is burned and there is the shame of speaking that the government here the eyes to close. And was able also to change things.”

Sobtsjaks courageous attempt to Putin of the throne seems doomed to fail. The incumbent president will win to have the vote. He is already eighteen years in power and need not fear that to lose.

The woman who Putin wants to beat Sunday at 19.15 hours on NPO 2.

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