Verbeek: ’Statement fans of FC Twente is a hypocrite’

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FC Twente coach Gertjan Verbeek sees no evil in his performances as a tv analyst, but has nonetheless decided to stop because of the many critiques that it has garnered.

FC Twente coach Gertjan Verbeek.

“We have collectively decided that at this moment it is not wise to oil on the fire if so many people disturb.” The overarching supportersorgaan Twente Unites! came last Sunday with a statement in which Verbeek and ’td’ Jan van Halst, were called to be in the interest of FC Twente to stop with their tv appearances. The named arguments go there for Verbeek.

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“Understand I do not and I find it hypocritical. Why the one program and the other program does not? And also that on the basis of the results. If I have ten or twenty points more had had, it was not a debate. I got there on Saturday night, don’t want to say that my work is not good to do. I stitch I don’t know how many time in this club. My daughter was Thursday one. I am in the morning at seven o’clock, went out by the door and was in the evening at seven o’clock at home. I have one hour with her can do and I’ll do that, because this club is on fire.”

“I will to the last gasp all in the effort to FC Twente where it belongs. And then sometimes at the expense of a birthday party at home. But I don’t know if Twente Unites! this also have an opinion and a survey does go out. That we wait then.”

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