Turkey denies bomb the hospital in Afrin

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ANKARA – The Turkish armed forces denies a hospital in Afrin, the main city of the eponymous Kurdish enclave in the northwest of Syria, was bombed. “This operation is carried out in a way that civilians and the innocent out of harm’s way overdue,” reports the Turkish army on Twitter.

Archive view from a hospital in Afrin.

A source at the hospital said Friday night that the only hospital in Afrin heavily bombed by Turkey. It fell at least 16 dead, while dozens of others are injured. According to the from the Uk operating Syrian Observatory for human Rights two pregnant women killed. The death toll in attacks on Afrin and the surrounding area is thereby increased to 43, according to the Observatory. The town is since Monday’s siege.

The air raid is confirmed by aid workers of the Red crescent who were active in the hospital. “The hospital is directly affected by various Turkish missiles”, was medical director of Joan Shitika know. The operation of Turkey, together with the allied Syrian rebels, in the region began on 20 January. People were already 300 civilians killed.

Ankara sees the Syrian Kurdish Volksbeschermingseenheden (YPG) as a terrorist organisation with ties to the Kurdish organisations on their own territory. In other parts of Syria, the YPG allies of the United States in the fight against terrorist organisation IS.

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