Thomas Acda has ‘three times more’ than he had ever imagined

3bf0ee2e7f71c0d9864472cb3c6ab065 - Thomas Acda has 'three times more' than he had ever imagined

Thomas Acda has in his career been a lot more for each other than he had dared dream.

“There is three times more came out than I ever imagined. If you have me on my sixteenth had been told that I have two million records would sell, I had heartily laughed at,” says the 51-year-old Acda in an interview with NRC.

He was for many years a cabaret and musical duo with Paul de Munnik, and is currently ite seen in his first musical: Fiddler on the Roof. From the autumn, he leaves with a solo performance by country and also is Acda working as an actor.

“I’m not God’s gift to the world, in terms of beauty and acting talent,” he says. “But I have already a lot of reels played for film and television. Really remarkable for a boy from The Ripe.”

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