There are the Cappaert sisters again

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Do you remember Sarah and Annelies Cappaert yet? The sisters formed a few years ago, the group A Butterfly Mind, and that was a result of their participation in X Factor. Afterwards shone Sara and Annelies are still in the semi-final of Eurosong 2008. In the year 2018, the two sisters are back and how.
The two continued under the name of Cappaert and in may their new album “Warrior of The Good”. They do this in the dark. “Yes, the concert hall is completely dark, black. There is nothing, but also nothing to see. Happy to hear and that makes this series just so special”, reply the sisters. “A team of blind and partially-sighted people makes this logistically possible (Blindenzorg Light and Love). Through the cracks seeping after a while the light on the stage …”
It promises to be a remarkable experience, that much is certain. Together with Steve Willaert, Wouter Berlaen, Bert Tear and Pim Dros will Annelies and Sarah act in Bruges, Beernem, Gent Wevelgem and Neerpelt. Tickets via . In may also appears in their album.

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