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Search for the meaning of Karen Damen

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Karen Damen is best sympathetic about on a stage, but what kind of singer she wants to be, we arrived at the Lotto Arena not to know; the show continued to be felt as a side effect of the television show.

Weird working hours and no access to inhaaldigitaal have ensured that I have very little I have seen of Karen makes a plate, the series in which the named Damen, former K3, a plate. I went …

Weird working hours and no access to inhaaldigitaal have ensured that I have very little I have seen of Karen makes a plate, the series in which the named Damen, former K3, a plate. I went Friday night so a nice blank the Lotto Arena inside, but with a head full of questions. It will fix a romantic professional deformation that I expected that singers make a record if the songs are imposing, not at first decide to be a plate with no idea what repertoire they want to sing. Also I wondered who to the Lotto Arena would come, because since that album, another track, Friday just two weeks, knew the public who songs just as much as I do.

The opgeluchte posts from earlier this week that the Lotto Arena at the last moment still was sold out, had not lied, though it was some skill to come, with cards in friendly media were given away, and a few meters of legroom for those in the central square on the first row sat. For the cameras, as we thought, because of course it was also this concert by Four filmed. But the cameras of Four hung usually on a tree and no-man’s land was usually empty. The stage, in the form of a lying H, was also beautiful. On the back leg was the band, on the front was in the beginning of the action of a grand piano. Between the two was the pitch, for the hard fans. A moshpit actually, which where they Damen on the bridge of the one podiumhelft to the other saw run.

Which she did with evident pleasure, just as the openingssong ‘A different track’ sitting at the piano: clearly scenes in countless meisjesdromen aged were. The squealing when she came up, was in fact so loudly that we thought that Harry Styles and part of his audience from the hall had made a mistake; it took a while for we Ladies heard singing. They know the maximum out of her voice to pick up and has a hoarse timbre, especially in the cover of Nena’s “99 Luftballons” have a nice paste. That number you had them a million times sung when she was still in a karaoke bar worked, she told him. If they low had to sing, such as in ‘All over’ or ‘Breath’, then she was less toonvast.

‘Breath’ is also an attractive kleinkunstachtig song with minimal piano and two acoustic guitars; a welcome break in the somewhat nineties-style chansonpop of the album, with old-fashioned a lot of guitar. Also the first bisnummer ‘How can that be’ surprised, with a dash of trumpet it as a bossa nova touch. Of the chansonpop had ‘Mona Lisa’, the most catchy chorus; that brought them two times.

It all sounded pretty nice, but not a single song begged getting on the plate, and the texts of the clichés together: you are warm of, ” let me live and be on my way / high trees catch a lot of wind / let me dream and sing for my pleasure’? Also, if a performer couldn Damen is not profiling: ‘Marlene on the wall’, ‘Just my imagination’ and ‘Il jouait du piano debout’, she sang with krek same phrasing as Suzanne Vega, Dolores O’riordan, or France Gall. Only on ‘Sign of the times’ the Harry Styles, ” for those who might prefer to also had been’, she gave a own twist.

Hair band added at the back of the guitar from the eponymous song of Prince. We pinch a blind eye, because all of the numbers so tastefully arranged. There was not a penny was considered: generally stood eight men on the stage, with strings and horns more than twelve. Not a production that you Flemish halls wears out, but of course, this was also a plaatvoorstelling and a tv show. With the rehearsed transitions and ‘intimate’ just a few short moments of this: both Ladies son, who they ‘Astronaut’ commanded, as her year old father got literally a moment in the spotlight, accompanied by a vertederde ‘aah’ from the audience.

You may want to Damen as impresario launch, with itself as first client? They had guests as Tourist Le MC, who did his best during the ‘Horizon’ making eye contact, but surprisingly little response received. Damen was either the camera to find, or wanted the attention after years in Q3 do not share. She said afterwards that she, in her wildest dreams, had never thought that she in addition to Tourist on a stage would stand, but that didn’t sound so convinced. With Regi, she seemed more at ease – he also cared for some exercise, because even during ‘Land of the living’, the only song with a beat, you got her to the dance.

‘Cosy’, the women in front of me on the way out. Mmmmnee: I would ‘Lotto Arena’ not ‘cosy’ associate, without coercion. But after an hour and a half, Karen Damen, I had the sense of Karen Damen still not found, and not more sense in Karen Damen: this seemed too much on the ‘concertje play’.

Lotto Arena, Friday, march 16

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