School Florida knew of the tear in rampbrug

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MIAMI – Engineers and officials have shortly before the collapse of a pedestrian bridge in Miami still gathered about a crack in the construction. An expert concluded, however, that there was no safety threat, reports the Florida International University (FIU).

About three hours after the meeting collapsed the bridge, which was still under construction. The debris ended up on a main road. Several vehicles were buried. The death toll has now risen to nine, reports the police.

The meeting that preceded the incident, turned to the crack in the construction. An expert from the company that the bridge had been designed “concluded that there is no worry about the security and that the crack the structural integrity of the bridge is not compromitteerde”, reports the FIU, which had commissioned the construction of the bridge.

Previously, it was shown that a building two days before the incident already mentioned was made of any cracks.” He did that in a voicemail to the ministry of Transport of the state of Florida. The official to whom the message was directed, however, was not present at the office. He listened to the message, only a day after the accident.

The engineer said in his message that according to his estimation, the cracks no acute danger for the security, stating, however, that they repaired had to be.

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