Russia elects president: 109.000.000 people to the polls

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MOSCOW – Russian voters go Sunday to the polls for a president to choose. The first polling stations have now opened the doors in the east of the country. The biggest winner of the election is Vladimir Putin (65), who already had eighteen years in power. He brought hardly any campaign and avoided debates.

About 109 million inhabitants of the largest country on earth, spread out over eleven time zones, are allowed to vote on one of the eight candidates, including Putin. He got in 2012 is still 63,6% of the vote. Although his rivals are seen as hopeless, would be a low turnout to cast a shadow over his expected victory.

Putin may be a victory until 2024 to resign. He ruled all from 2000 to 2008, was then four years long premier, and was back in 2012 president. Russia has appeared under his direction to becoming an assertive player on the world stage. It became involved in the conflicts in Syria and Ukraine, where the Crimea annexed.

The Russian leader won Sunday not to fear for all serious challengers. So if the pronounced Alexei Navalni is not a candidate because of a conviction. The police took Saturday in several cities against supporters of the opposition leader. Agents searched the offices of his movement.

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