Paul Jambers very popular with seksmaniakken

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In The Standard confronts one Paul Jambers with his reputation; that he always zatlappen and seksmaniakken interviewed. “That note I’m just. But that’s not true. I have a total of about 200 large reports made, and 15 of them were seksgerelateerd. There is nothing wrong with that. Sex plays a large role in a person’s life. Also, do not forget that I have a lot of themes as the first have on the map have put. In 1992, I made a documentary about a transgender person. Also with plastic surgery, I was the first. That one found then still a shame.” Today, he watches no television. “I’m an avid newspaper reader, so I know what’s on tv to see. I’m not down; I would have every day, however, a program can find that interests me, but I don’t want to spend so much time.

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