Marijn Brouwers in new Dutch Evita

828dade126aadbbae6d455a831170743 - Marijn Brouwers in new Dutch Evita

Marijn Brouwers is going to play a major role in a new Dutch version of the hitmusical Evita by Andrew Lloyd Webber. The performance of The Count & Cornelissen Entertainment is the next season in the theaters, reports the guardian Saturday.

The musical tells about the life of Evita Duarte, who in the forties, the first lady of Argentina when she married Juan Peron. The multi award-winning production includes the world famous song Don’t cry for me Argentina.

It is the fourth time that a Dutch-language adaptation of the piece is created. Previously, this happened in 1987 (when with Vera Mann), in 1995 (when with Pia Douwes) and in 2007 (with Brigitte Heitzer).

It is not yet known who the other main characters play in the show. It is the first major role in a musical for Brewers. It was the singer previously understudy in Ciske de Rat and Cats, and he and musical performances about the French Halsema, Chet Baker and Charles Aznavour.

Brewers the next few months in the show, Bella Italia.

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