Jones is proud of the interest of Van Marwijk

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An Australian athlete usually has a little extra motivation is needed. Feyenoord-goalkeeper Brad Jones, not at all. But with the cup final and a world cup in Russia in prospect, the 36-year-old goalie during the final stage of the season full of adrenaline.

Brad Jones will coach Bert van Marwijk after many years of absence, the opportunity in Australia.

Bert van Marwijk, coach of Australia, and take him next week to the oefeninterlands against Norway (in Oslo) and Colombia (in London).

How did you get that news?

Jones: “In all possible ways. I received an e-mail, a text message and I was called by the team manager. Look, the internationals of Australia are spread out all over the world. They need to be sure that everyone knows where and when he should report. The whole stuff must from all countries on the globe to the same destination to be flown. Nevertheless the final selection is a beautiful message.”

Do you know Van Marwijk a little bit?

“I don’t know what he has performed. He brought the Netherlands in 2010 to the final of the world cup. I think it’s great that he to me has looked and that he was after the match against Heracles in a meeting with me. He asked if I was available and what my thoughts are about the national team. Well, I could immediately tell. I have always been available, but in England I was often second goalkeeper. For some coaches, that was a problem. In 2004, I went to the Olympics with the Australian team. Now I get a new chance for the biggest tournament there is.”

The championship with Feyenoord and reach the cup final this season to have you back in the spotlight?

“My entire moving to the Netherlands did me good. Here I play every week, I am the first goalkeeper at a big club. The championship was a highlight. Therefore, I want to now the cup win. But I also want to that we are in the league we still improve. There is so much to play for at this stage. And yes, that is the world cup there may be at this for me is a bonus.”

Are you happy with a Dutchman as coach?

“When the rumours went that there is a new coach for our national team, I already knew that Van Marwijk it would be. The Aussies have good experiences with the Dutch way of working. Also at Feyenoord, everyone is enthusiastic about Van Marwijk. Gio knows him well and so, I have a great confidence in him. All is the world cup of course with a totally different group of players. Therefore, the next oefeninterlands very important.”

For Feyenoord it is a bit on the game.

“I hope we can make the season worthy to go to shut down. Our performance against AZ has us once again made it clear how we use it in a few other periods have left it behind in the Premier league. It is not even a question of whether we have a high level can catch up with this Season. We can do that. I am only disappointed that we don’t often enough have done. Against PEC Zwolle, we should also be the same show as against AZ.”

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