Jamai Loman wants not a figurehead for gay men

9a603827e310d5c99f5f25c78082de30 - Jamai Loman wants not a figurehead for gay men

Jamai Loman is often to be asked if there is antihomogeweld, but will about never publicly speak.

“I’m not a gay man appeals to his, eh,” he says in the AD.

“I’m just aware of no figurehead for the gay and lesbian movement has become. In every incident around homogeweld hang in there journalists on the line or I there something about ie. That I don’t. I certainly have an opinion about, it’s horrible that it happens, but I don’t want to be on the barricades to climb.”

The 31-year-old singer also shows in his music, his orientation in the middle. His songs never go about ‘him’ or ‘her’. “My songs deal not only about myself. They can be on everyone’s relationship store. I have had about this topic a lot of discussion with my schrijfpartner, Matthijs Rounds. He thought I was ‘he’ had to write. That makes it really personal, ” he said. There, he was right, of course. And I thought it for the gay emancipation also really important, but I decided ultimately not to.”


The Idols-winner is afraid that his audience is there to interfere if he is in his songs openly as gay. “Especially the large group of conservative older listeners. They sit there, perhaps not to wait, take offence to it. It remains a dilemma for gay artists.”

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