“It says a lot that you together with Ajax hofleverancier”

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John van den Brom had in spite of his enthusiasm on his lip biting, after he on Thursday that Ronald Koeman was called. The coach told him that three of his players (Wout Weghorst, Guus Lift and Marco Bizot) is final in the selection of the Dutch team sit.

John van den Brom

“On such a beautiful phone call you hope, of course, as a trainer,” says Van den Brom. “Something like that, do you want to instantly share with the boys, but that could not yet. That we have this morning (yesterday, ed.) after the breakfast done, great. Especially for those boys is beautiful, but also for everything and everyone at the club. It says a lot that you together with Ajax to receive this honour.”

The coach sends his players with a clear goal to Zeist. “You hope if you are selected that you actually minutes can make. A pre-selection is beautiful, to be selected is great, but eventually you debut for Orange, that’s it. Also, I find that they are all three, and that expectation must go,” said Van den Brom.

“It’s very simple: they must show what they can do, with good players around him. I’m curious to see how they cope. But I have all the confidence in. They are all three very sober guests, that enjoy the moment, but go there not to go to celebrate your holiday. That will show from the moment they come together.”

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