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Hate mail (and some endorsements) for NTGent after controversial call

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The Ghent NTGent received after the controversy around an ad that she was looking for IS militants for days, hate mail. Also on social media were threats expressed to the address of the Ghent theatre. ‘That’s not nice, but we want all those people to invite on the show, what it sounds like. The Ghent theater is the fuss is also approached by foreign media, who shows interest in the production.

Wednesday came the NTGent in a media storm right after an employee of the theatrical performance of the Swiss director Milo Rau an ad in the newspaper. It turned out that the company would consider IS-warriors to cast as the modern variant on the crusaders in a production about the Lamb of God. In spite of apologies received the NTGent, the days after more than 60 – hate and dreigmails, but also some statements of support.

The letter writers to see the performance as ‘artistic perversity in place of artistic freedom’, ‘horribly inappropriate, many, many bridges too far’ and ‘ordinairste cabaret in a minor key’. Another writer found the casting-call sign ‘total moral and intellectual confusion in which the West has been trapped’. The NTGent was further accused of ” a conglomerate of criminal zwakzinnigen’. But the company has also received statements of support from supporters, believers, and an East-Flemish priest.

‘The debate is open. That was the intention, ” says the NTGent, which once again stressed no open stage will give it to IS-fighters. In the production playing now-the Flemish starring Frank Focketyn and Chris Thys. But the company also wants non-professional actors to enable that have a similar life story with the characters on the famous painting of the brothers Van Eyck.

The casting will be held from 19 to 23 march in Ghent.

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